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Screen Printing

Every day, we create the best direct silk screen prints possible. We are highly experienced at printing onto T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, uniforms, bags and much, much more. We test, investigate and maximize new production techniques while working to keep our prices affordable.

Minimunm Quanities
Our minimum order quantity for custom screen printing is 12 pieces - based on each individual job setup.

Turn Around Time
Our standard turn around time for screen printing is 5-7 business days. Please note that production time begins after receipt of order AND artwork approval.

Orders CAN NOT go into production without prior artwork approval. Please keep this in mind if there are defined due dates for you order, as rush charges may be incurred. Any job requiring production in less than our standard turn around is considered a RUSH ORDER and is subject to production schedule availability.

We offer premium quality screen printing services at an affordable price.

 Artwork Specifications 

Designate PANTONE SOLID COATED colors when printing spot. We DO NOT guarantee the color match. When printing in 4 Color Process, a customer supplied printout should accompany the order to aid in color correction and press check.

Ink Color Changes: If a designated ink is then changed on press, a $10 charge per ink change will be accrued.

Print Accuracy: Achieving a perfect color match to a four color or simulated process is unlikely. Variances can be expected due to material, ink opacities and ink blending. Variances could range from 5-10%.

We’re PC Base. Acceptable programs are as follows:

  • PDF
  • EPS
  • CorelDraw 11

Note: Microsoft Office files can be opened but are usually ill-fated. Defaulting fonts, low res raster images and shifting composition are a few of the issues. Please only use Microsoft Office as a last resort.

VECTOR ART: SEND WHENEVER POSSIBLE! Illustrator, Freehand & CorelDraw all have a function to convert text to outlines (curves).

Converting text saves time/money and insures placement of text.

RASTER ART: Photoshop produces art in raster. When saving a Photoshop file, keep all layers intact. If incorporating a raster image inside a vector file, save the image both inside the vector file and separate in it’s native format such as Photoshop, TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP.


Note: Internet photos on general are too small and too low of a resolution to use for actual design. Recreating these images if possible is usually the only recourse.

Art quotes are estimates and are usually given with a time range.

When using a program not listed above, try exporting as a PDF. Best case scenario will render a vector image which can be transported into a workable format, worst case scenario will suffice as a template to recreate.

TRADEMARKS/LOGOS: ASP assumes no responsibility for determining who does or doesn’t hold claim to trademarks or logos.

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