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Magnetic Car Signs

Magnetic Signs for Cars & Vehicles

Professional Quality Magnetic Car Signs make a great first impression! You can quickly & economically multiply your advertising impressions by thousands daily by adding Magnetic Signs to your personal vehicle(s), company vehicle(s) and even to your employees' vehicles. (It's great advertising -- just ask -- they won't mind!) Displaying Car Magnetics on one or several vehicles traveling in your market area will establish greater name recognition. Typical applications are for vans, trucks and delivery vehicles, menu boards and building directories.

Promoting your business with Magnetic gives you complete flexibility to use the same vehicle for both professional and personal purposes. When you employ temporary or contract workers who provide their own vehicle, such as pizza delivery and courier services,  Magnetic Signs are ideal. The versatility of Magnetic allows you to use them on virtually any car, truck or van.  We offer numerous sizes of Magnetic which can display your custom message, logos, graphics and even full color photographic images.

Because Magnetic Signs are designed to come off, they can be stolen or could even blow off if not installed properly. Magnetic must be installed on a smooth, flat surface with no grooves or sharp humps. You must make sure the magnetic sheet does not overlap any body side molding or trim.

Car Magnetics

Make a powerful visual impression wherever you drive—without applying permanent graphics to your vehicle. With custom-made magnetic signs, you can showcase your company name and logo mile-after-mile. Plus, using "auto mags," you can match your vehicle's color, so people won't know your signs are temporary.

Vehicle magnetics are great for:

  • Delivery vans and trucks
  • Personal service vehicles
  • Cars that are used personally and professionally
  • Temporary and promotional uses


Proper Use & Care Instructions for Magnetic Car Signs

As soon as your Magnetic Signs arrive, lay the signs flat for a time so that they can regain their shape and will lay flat on your vehicle. You can do this by carefully applying them to the side of a refrigerator, filing cabinet or perhaps the warm hood of your vehicle. It is important that you smooth out any humps when you lay the Custom Magnetic Signs out flat. If the Custom Magnetic Signs are cold, they will regain their shape much slower.

Before you apply your new set of Magnetic Signs to your vehicle, be sure BOTH your vehicle & the back of your Magnetic Signs are perfectly clean and dry. You should wait at least 30-90 days for a freshly painted vehicle to cure. Otherwise, it is possible that the magnetic sign material will damage the paint if the paint has not completely dried and cured.

Magnetic Signs bond instantly to flat surfaces and surfaces with slight curves. When the Magnetic Signs are placed in the wrong position, remove the sign and realign. Do not pull or try to Slide to realign or straighten the magnetic sign when it is against the surface.

Please make certain that the entire magnetic sheet is against the metal surface with no Lumps or air pockets.

Some moisture (condensation & rain) and dirt may collect behind Custom Magnetic Signs. Remove and clean both the signs and the surface with very mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow both to dry completely. Repeat this cleaning process weekly to keep your Magnetic Signs looking new for years to come.

Please note: Due to circumstance completely out of our direct control, we cannot replace lost or stolen Magnetic Signs free of charge.